What is MID Certification?

The Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) 2014/32/EU  applies to a large number of measuring instruments. Most of the products falling under MID require certification. The MID Directive lists the essential requirements that a measuring instruments will have to satisfy before it can be sold in Europe.

if they are subject to legal metrological control in a Member State and the conformity assessment that they have to undergo prior to their placing on the market and putting into use.

What products fall under mandatory MID certification?

  • Gas meters and volume
  • Water meters
  • Meters for liquids other than water
  • conversion devices
  • Heat meters
  • Taxi meters
  • automatic weighing instruments
  • material measures
  • Dimension measuring instruments
  • Exhaust gas
  • Analyzers

What products are not covered under MID certification?

Measuring containers
Bulk milk cooler tank
Level Indicators
Moisture content meters
Breath analyzers
Radar speed detectors

How to Get a MID certification?

How to Get a MID certification