The radio Equipment Directive is about providing safe equipment that utilize radio frequency.

 It establishes a framework of regulations for equipment utilizing radio frequency. It sets the essential requirements for safety and health in addition to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC),radio spectrum efficiency and cyber security.

The Radio Equipment Directive(2014/53/EU) takes effect Feb. 1, 2022, and becomes mandatory Aug. 1, 2024, giving device manufacturers a 30-month transition period.

What is included in the new Radio equipment Directive?

It Includes equipment that can communicate over the internet directly or through other devices

  1. Mobile phones
  2. Tablets
  3. smart watches
  4. Wireless toys

What is excluded in the new Radio equipment Directive?

  • Radio equipment used by radio amateurs
  • Marine Radio equipment
  • Airborne radio equipment
  • Custom Built evaluation kit
  • IR devices functioning at Higher frequencies
  • Products that use electromagnetic waves exclusively for other purposes than
  • radio communication
  • Passive antennas
  • Jammers

How to Get a RED-2014/53/EU Radio equipment Directive certification?

The RED-2014/53/EU defines four modules for achieving RED Certification.

RED 2014/53/EU certification

How to Prepare Technical Documentation for RED-2014/53/EU Radio equipment Directive certification ?

The Technical Documentation required for achieving RED-2014/53/EU Radio equipment Directive certification should include

  • General Description of Product along with photographs, external and internal layout
  • Version of software
  • Installation instructions
  • Copy of EU type examination certificate issued by Notified Body
  • Copy of EU declaration of conformity
  • Traceability information
  • European Authorized Representative information in case the manufacturer is situated outside EU